Crop Science Building

The Department of Plant Agriculture is housed in two buildings on the main campus, the Crop Science Building and the E.C. Bovey Building. The main offices for the Department of Plant Agriculture are located on the third floor of the Crop Science Building.

The Crop Science Building was opened in 1968. It consists of 4-stories containing 5 classrooms, 47 offices, 59 research laboratories, and a single-storey area which houses growth facilities. The main building's growth facilities include: 11 controlled-environment, large, walk-in growth rooms, and 4 rooms housing 50 controlled-environment growth cabinets. The growth rooms provide about 1/10 ha of bench space for growing plants. There is also an 800 m2 (PNT-level2) greenhouse divided over 16 different zones.

For accessibility information, visit the Crop Science page at the University of Guelph website.

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Department of Plant Agriculture
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