Lewis Lukens

Lewis Lukens
Associate Professor



(519) 824-4120 x52304


(519) 763-8933


B.A. Carleton College Northfield, MN USA
Ph.D. University of Minnesota, St. Paul MN, USA


Crop Science Building


326 CRSC

lukenspicWe are investigating a variety of  questions in the areas of bioinformatics and zea_squantitative genetics. Our research effort focuses on maize as well as other plant species.



BIOL*3300 Applied Bioinformatics
PLNT*6260 Advanced Plant Genetics I
PLNT*6500 Applied Bioinformatics

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Selected Publications:

Doust, A.N.*, L. Lukens*, K.M. Olsen*, M. Mauro-Herrera and A. Meyer, K. Rogers. (2014) Beyond the single gene – do epistasis and gene-by-environment effects influence crop domestication? Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. * Equal contributors

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