The Vineland Research Station, now managed by the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, includes approximately 90 hectares of experimental orchards, vineyards, rotation crop areas, ornamental plantings and greenhouses. Vineland is the where the Stone Fruit Breeding program is located.

Image: Vineland skyviewThe research site is located in the Niagara Peninsula, that portion of Ontario which is between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. The Niagara Peninsula with its unique location, climate and soils is Canada's most important area for the production of grapes, peaches, pears and plums. This area has a rich history in the settling of Canada as well as a large number of fruit growers in a highly developed fruit-growing industry.

One of the advantages of the Peninsula for fruit growing, particularly peaches, cherries and grapes, is climate. Lake Ontario has a tremendous moderating effect on spring, summer, fall and winter temperatures. Mid-winter temperatures rarely drop below -18 ̊ C in the fruit area.

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4890 Victoria Avenue North
LOR 2EO Vineland Station , ON
43° 11' 26.646" N, 79° 23' 45.78" W
Ontario CA

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