Kimberley Schneider

K. Schneider
Assistant Professor



519-824-4120 x52460


B.Sc(Env.) Environmental Protection, University of Guelph;
M.Sc. Land Resource Science, University of Guelph;
Ph.D. School of Environmental Sciences, University of Guelph


Crop Science Building


321 CRSC

Research statement:

I plan to develop an innovative research program focused on assessing the agro-ecological benefits provided by forage and service crops (enhanced soil and water quality, nutrient cycling and nutrient use efficiencies, mitigating net greenhouse gas emissions, and improved biodiversity) and how targeted agroecosystem management can augment these benefits. My research will also work to better understand the mechanisms by which forage and service crops improve subsequent crop performance and to optimize cropping systems to optimize economic and environmental benefits to Ontario agriculture.  My research will involve working on multidisciplinary teams, taking a systems-based approach and working across scales (rhizosphere to the landscape) to help solve critical agri-environmental issues.

Current Opportunities

If you are looking for a graduate student opportunity (M.Sc. or Ph.D.) focusing on the ecosystem services (including nutrient and carbon dynamics) provided by forage and service crops, as well as by managed grazing, or more generally in the area of forage and service crop productivity, feel free to contact me via email to explore potential opportunities.


CROP*3340 Managed Grasslands
OAGR*2070 Introduction to Organic Agriculture

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Selected Publications:

  Peer-reviewed publications

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  PUBLICATIONS IN refereed Books

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