Adrian Correndo

A. Correndo
Assistant Professor
Pick Family Chair in Sustainable Cropping Systems



519-824-4120 x53572


B.S. (Agronomy) University of Buenos Aires;
M.S. (Soil Science) University of Buenos Aires;
Ph.D. (Agronomy) Kansas State University


Crop Science Building


226 CRSC

Dr. Correndo is the Research Chair for the The Pick Family Chair in Sustainable Cropping Systems. Martin and Denise established The Pick Family Chair in Sustainable Cropping Systems to develop and introduce effective, simple to use and widely acceptable cropping systems that deal with the issue of soil degradation.

“I certainly look forward to substantially contribute to the development and education on science-based solutions for sustainable farming systems in Ontario by identifying and promoting best soil and crop management practices. On this endeavor, my work heavily relies on maintaining and leveraging the value and legacy of multiple long-term trials at the Elora Research Station, where management practices such as tillage, crop rotation, cover crops, and fertilization management are the subject of study. Finally, I find applied statistics and reproducible programming to be essential for the development of accessible and cross-scale digital tools. I want to put modern data analytics like machine learning and Bayesian statistics to the service of our agricultural communities.”

Previously, Dr. Correndo worked on research and extension in soil fertility and crop nutrition as the Assistant Agronomist (2008-2018) for the Latin America Southern Cone Program of the former International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI); and from 2018 to 2023 in Kansas State University (United States) as a Graduate Research Assistant while pursuing his Ph.D. in Agronomy (2018-2021), and as a Post-doctoral Fellow (2022-2023) working on research and extension in corn and soybean production.


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Selected Publications:

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