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Name Position Email Tel Room
Dean Baker Sessional Lecturer dean@burlingtongolfclub.com na na
Amir Bazrgar OAC Statistics Consultant oacstats@uoguelph.ca na na
Stephen Bowley, U.E. Associate Professor (retired) sbowley@uoguelph.ca na na
Rishi Burlakoti Adjunct Professor rishi.burlakoti@canada.ca 604-796-6011 na
Adam Dale College Professor Emeritus, Adjunct Professor adale@uoguelph.ca 519-426-7127 x333 SIM
Duane E. Falk College Professor Emeritus, Adjunct Professor dfalk@uoguelph.ca na na
K. Helen Fisher Associate Professor (retired), Adjunct Professor, Sessional Lecturer hfisher@uoguelph.ca na na
Stephen Fleischauer Sessional Lecturer sfleisch@uoguelph.ca na na
Tom Hsiang Professor in School of Environmental Sciences thsiang@uoguelph.ca na na
Dave Hume University Professor Emeritus dhume@uoguelph.ca na na
Tony Hunt College Professor Emeritus thunt@uoguelph.ca na na
David Hunter Adjunct Professor dhunter@uoguelph.ca na AAFC, VINE
Sean Jordan Sessional Lecturer sjordan@uoguelph.ca na na
Renuka Karunagoda Sessional Lecturer renukak@uoguelph.ca na na
Jordan Kitchen Sessional Lecturer jkitch01@uoguelph.ca na na
Ruth Knight Sessional Lecturer rknigh01@uoguelph.ca na na
Glen Lumis College Professor Emeritus glumis@uoguelph.ca na na
Ralph C. Martin Professor (retired) rcmartin@uoguelph.ca na na
John O'Sullivan Associate Professor (retired) josulliv@uoguelph.ca 519-426-7127 x336 SIM
K. Peter Pauls University Professor Emeritus, Adjunct Professor ppauls@uoguelph.ca 519-824-4120 x54136 325 CRSC
Valerio Primomo Adjunct Professor Valerio.Primomo@vinelandresearch.com na VINE
John T.A. Proctor College Professor Emeritus jtprocto@uoguelph.ca na na
Andy Robinson Sessional Lecturer from Animal Biosciences andyr@uoguelph.ca 519-824-4120 x53679 122 ANNU
Art Schaafsma College Professor Emeritus aschaafs@uoguelph.ca na na
Mitra Serajazari Research Associate, Adjunct Professor mserajaz@uoguelph.ca 519-824-4120 x53111 302A CRSC
Cam Shaw Program Manager, Associate Diploma in Turfgrass Management (ADTM) cshaw12@uoguelph.ca 519-824-4120 x56886 1105 ECB
Barry J. Shelp College Professor Emeritus, Adjunct Professor bshelp@uoguelph.ca 519-824-4120 x53089 4237 ECB
Mahbuba Siddiqua Sessional Lecturer siddiqum@uoguelph.ca na na
Peter Sikkema Professor (retired), Adjunct Professor psikkema@uoguelph.ca 519-674-1500 x63603 132 RIDG
James (Jamie) Simpson Sessional Lecturer jsimpson@uoguelph.ca na na
Nader Soltani Adjunct Professor soltanin@uoguelph.ca 519-674-1500 132 RIDG
Coralie Sopher Technical staff member in the School of Environmental Sciences coralie.sopher@uoguelph.ca na na
Judith (Judy) Strommer College Professor Emeritus jstromme@uoguelph.ca na na
J. Alan Sullivan Professor (retired), Adjunct Professor asulliva@uoguelph.ca 519-824-4120 x52792 4222 ECB
Clarence J. Swanton University Professor Emeritus cswanton@uoguelph.ca 519-824-4120 x53392 214 CRSC
Toktam Taghavi Adjunct Professor ttaghavi@uoguelph.ca na na
Lily Tamburic-Ilincic Research Scientist, Adjunct Professor ltamburi@uoguelph.ca 519-674-1500 x63557 RIDG
Gary Taylor Sessional Lecturer gtirrigationservices@gmail.com na na
James (Jim) Todd Adjunct Professor jim.todd@ontario.ca na OMAFRA
Rodger Tschanz Greenhouse Technician, Sessional Lecturer rtschanz@uoguelph.ca 519-824-4120 x52788 3117 ECB, GHSE
Cam Tyers Sessional Lecturer ctyers@uoguelph.ca na na
Mike Van Beek Sessional Lecturer mvanbeek@uoguelph.ca na na
Melinda Vanryn BLA Program Counsellor, School of Environmental Design and Rural Development mavanryn@uoguelph.ca 519-824-4120 x54549 133A JHNH
Tatijana Vukovic Sessional Lecturer vukovict@uoguelph.ca na na
John Watson Technician, Sessional Lecturer watson01@uoguelph.ca 519-824-4120 x54032 1229 ECB
Sean Westerveld Adjunct Professor sean.westerveld@ontario.ca 519-426-4323 OMAFRA
David White DTM Sessional Lecturer dwhite14@uoguelph.ca na na