Glen Lumis

Glen Lumis
College Professor Emeritus



B.Sc. Pennsylvania State University;
M.Sc. Michigan State University;
Ph.D. Michigan State University


Edmund C. Bovey Building



Career Teaching

Diploma – Horticulture

  • Horticultural Field Studies (co-taught)
  • Nursery Management
  • Nursery Management and Arboriculture
  • Plant Identification I (co-taught)
  • Plant Identification II (co-taught)
  • Project in Horticulture (co-taught)

Diploma – Turfgrass Management

  • Landscape Plants (co-taught)

Degree – Horticulture Science

  • Culture of Plants
  • Nursery Production
  • Woody Plants
  • Woody Plant Production and Culture

Graduate – Horticultural Science              

  • Colloquium in Horticultural Research (co-taught)
  • Physiology of Ornamental Crops (co-taught)

Graduate – Landscape Architecture

  • Biophysical Resource Analysis (co-taught)

Continuing Education/Open Learning

  • Advanced Plant Identification Techniques (co-taught)
  • Nursery Production

Career Research Topics

Nursery Production

  • nutrient uptake and tracking in container production
  • nutrient cycling and runoff management in container production
  • cyclic and flood irrigation in container production
  • fertilizer management in container production
  • pot-in-pot container tree production
  • in-ground fabric container tree production
  • chemical pruning of shrubs
  • aerial dart seeding container media
  • wood waste, municipal waste, and aquatic compost container media
  • conifer transplant methodology
  • Taxus production strategies
  • polyhouse microclimate
  • Passiflora culture for butterfly larvae

Landscape Trees and Shrubs

  • wire basket and tree root interactions
  • highway deicing salt effects on roadside plants
  • pre and post transplant tree regeneration
  • auxin stimulants for root regeneration


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