Ralph C. Martin

Ralph Martin
Professor (retired)



B.A. Carleton University;
M.Sc. Carleton University;
Ph.D. MacDonald College, McGill University


Crop Science Building


Red Clover

My approach to sustainable food production is to produce enough food to meet dietary needs today, while preserving productive capacity for future generations of people and other species. This is within the context of healthy soil, clean air and water, and regenerative energy to support resilient farming and fishing communities.

My research involves collaborative inquiries across disciplines. My training and specific contributions pertain to multiple cropping systems, nitrogen use efficiency, forage agronomy and pasture management.


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Martin, R.C. (2019). Food Security: From Excess to Enough. Dundurn Press, Toronto, ON.

Martin, R.C. and MacRae, R. [Eds] (2014). Managing energy, nutrients, and pests in organic field crops. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL.

Refereed Publications

Highly Qualified Personnel trained are underlined

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