K. Peter Pauls

K.P. Pauls
University Professor Emeritus
Adjunct Professor



519-824-4120 x54136


B.Sc. University of Waterloo;
M.Sc. University of Waterloo;
Ph.D. University of Waterloo


Crop Science Building


325 CRSC

Our laboratory is working in various areas of plant cell biology, molecular biology and genomics. It has focused on understanding disease-related and developmental phenomena that are of agricultural interest and developing methods to improve crops through biotechnology. Significant research accomplishments of the lab include:

  • Sequencing of the genome for bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) variety OAC Rex
  • Identification of molecular markers for: bacterial blight resistance in beans, lipoxygenase nulls and low linolenic acid content in soybean, Fusarium graminearum resistance in corn and yield-related traits in beans.
  • Development of molecular linkage maps for several bean, soybean and corn breeding populations.
  • Development of genetic distance and QTL- index based approaches to marker assisted selection.
  • Production of transgenic corn and tomatoes with improved resistance to fungal diseases.
  • Development of a genotype-independent Agrobacterium-based transformation system for corn.
  • Cloning and sequencing of genes from Brassica microspores that may be involved in the commitment of cells to embryogenesis.
  • Cloning and sequencing genes coding for structural and regulatory genes in the phenylpropanoid and folic acid synthesis pathways in Phaseolus.
  • Release of new white bean and kidney bean varieties developed through conventional breeding.
  • Measurement of the persistence of DNA from transgenic plants in agricultural soils.

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News Item:

U of G Research Beans Donated to Local Organizations

Riley Goltz with The SEED receiving 700kg of dry beans grown by U of G dry bean breeding program.Researchers with the U of G dry bean breeding program recently donated more than 2,000 kilograms of beans to the Guelph Food Bank, the non-profit group The Seed and the University’s Hospitality Services.

The beans grew out of a research project led by Dr. Peter Pauls. The four-year study investigated the feasibility and potential benefits of growing a mixture of bean varieties in a single field rather than a single crop. The researchers wanted to know whether the approach would enhance genetic diversity, crop yield and resilience of the resulting crops.

The study, supported by U of G’s Food from Thought program, involved planting and harvesting thousands of bean plants in Woodstock, Ont., and at the Elora research station, said Pauls.

For the full story visit here: https://news.uoguelph.ca/2021/05/u-of-g-research-beans-donated-to-local-...



BIOL*1050 Biology of Plants and Animals in Managed Ecosystems
PBIO*4150 Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Plant Development
PLNT*6400 (F) Seminar

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Selected Publications:

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