Stephen Bowley, U.E.

Steve Bowley
Associate Professor (retired)



B.Sc. (Agr.) University of Guelph; 
M.Sc. University of Guelph;
Ph.D. University of Kentucky



The genetic improvement of perennial forage crops with particular emphasis on the application of biotechnology within conventional breeding systems.


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Cover image of A Hitchhiker's Guide to Statistics in Biology

A Hitchhiker's Guide to Statistics in Biology: Generalized Linear Mixed Model Edition (
Bowley, S.R. 2015. Plants et al. Inc., Guelph, Ontario

This book covers statistical methods for the plant sciences and is designed for graduate students and researchers. Fixed and mixed effects models and analysis of Gaussian and non-Gaussian variables are covered. The text covers the various designs, models, and analyses used by biological researchers. The experimental data and worked examples have been provided for the various designs and methods of analysis. The examples were chosen to reinforce the basic principles, detail the methods of analysis, indicate how the assumptions can be tested, and the results interpreted. The SAS® coding to perform the analyses and relevant sections of output for each of the examples have also been included. Available from the author or from AbeBooks (search for author: Bowley, Stephen)

Statistics Resources

SAS Guides

SAS Macros

  • Multiple means comparison letter codes-Proc Glimmix & Proc Mixed (Saxton 2003)   pdmix800 Help file [pdf, 18 KB]
  • Adjusted Rand Index (von Borries 2008)
  • Genotypic & Phenotypic Correlation (Holland 2006)
  • Mantel Test (Piepho 2005)
  • Meta-analysis (Wilson 2005)
  • Yield-Stability Statistic (Cotes et al. 2002)

Download a zip file containing all of the SAS Macros here.