Judith (Judy) Strommer

Judy Strommer
College Professor Emeritus



B.S. University of Chicago;
M.S. University of Chicago;
Ph.D. U.C.L.A.


Edmund C. Bovey Building


Plant molecular genetics, gene regulation

Many regulatory and enzymatic genes of higher organisms are present in gene families. Research in our lab on the evolution of gene families has focused on alcohol dehydrogenase genes, particularly those of Petunia hybrida. Our recent studies, based on transgenic reporters and RT-PCR, have been directed at defining the roles of individual adh gene family members and provide evidence for a number of unexpected and unique roles for members of this gene family in P. hybrida. Genome mapping in petunia has accompanied this research, and led to the preparation of RFLP and AFLP maps of Petunia hybrida. These in turn are teaching us about meiosis and recombination in this horticultural species created centuries ago as an interspecific hybrid.

We began studies on the regulation of genes involved in anthocyanin production some years ago, and are now initiating a program to learn about regulation of the production of these complex secondary metabolites, along with the closely related stilbenes, in grapes. This work is directed toward the development of cultural and genetic methods for enhancing levels of anthocyanin and stilbene antioxidants in grapes and wine.

In a third project, as part of an interdisciplinary research team combining veterinary pathology, microbiology and plant molecular biology, we are testing concepts for the oral delivery of vaccines to ruminants using transgenic forages as the delivery vehicle. We are constructing chimaeric genes which encode antigenic determinants from proteins of Mannheimia haemolytica, a serious respiratory pathogen, and introducing them into alfalfa and clover so as to maximize their immunogenic potential. In this work we are attempting to modify both the plant transformation system and patterns of gene expression so as to create a special-niche transgenic crop with minimal environmental impact.


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Selected Publications:

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