Breeding & Biotechnologies

crossing wheat in growth roomA focus for the Department of Plant Agriculture is plant breeding and related fields including: genetics, genomics, molecular biology and biotechnology. Outcomes from this extensive research include advancements in knowledge of the genetic control of plant traits. For example, in some cases research results in characterizations of genes, and advanced plant improvement methods involving tissue culture manipulations, molecular selection and improved germplasm. The outlet for much of this work is the creation of new crop varieties that are licensed to commercial entities in Ontario and beyond. Royalties collected from seed sales of multiple varieties, and germplasm released by the Department's plant breeding programs, bring in over $800,000 to the University annually. This represents the largest and most consistently successful University of Guelph intellectual property revenue stream.


Dr. A. Dale: Breeding Genetics and Management of Berry Crops
Dr. M. Eskandari: Soybean breeding
Dr. E. Lee: Maize Breeding and Genetics
Dr. L. Lukens: Bioinformatics and Quantitative Genetics
Dr. K. P. Pauls: OAC Field Bean Breeding
Dr. I. Rajcan: Soybean Breeding & Genetics, Seed Quality & Disease Resistance
Dr. J. Subramanian: Tree Fruit Genetics and Breeding
Dr. J. A. Sullivan: Ornamental Breeding and Genetics, Tissue Culture, Potato Research
Dr. D. Wolyn: Breeding tissue culture, disease resistance, mitochondria, molecular genetics, transformation