The use of crops and crop residues for the manufacture of a variety of bioproducts (including: renewable fuels, materials and manufactured items for use in the home, construction and automotive industries) is an expanding area of research. 

Image: Bioproducts research tour in BDDC facilitiesPlant Agriculture research in this field includes:  bioproduct design, manufacture and testing  as well as plant sciences supporting sustainable crop production and plant genetics and breeding to improve crop plants for non-food uses.  The outcome of this research is knowledge of how the properties of bioproducts manufactured from cellulose, oil, protein, starch and other compounds derived from various plant parts such as seeds, stalks/stovers, hulls and cobs of crop plants affect their performance. The work is strongly supported by the significant investment in advanced bioproduct research facilities in the Bioproducts Discovery and Development Centre.

Dr. A. Mohanty: Biomaterials and Transportation
Dr. M. Misra: Bio-based new materials and green nanotechnology