Physiology & Biochemistry

taking soybean leaf readings in growth roomPlant physiology and biochemistry are foundational areas for research in the Department of Plant Agriculture. The outcomes of this research include advancements in knowledge of the determinants of light interception, nutrient use, water use and biochemical conversions by plants at molecular, cellular, whole plant and crop levels. The information is applied to develop protocols for selecting plants with greater stress tolerance, identifying critical periods for weed control, and modifying storage conditions for harvested fruits and vegetables.


Dr. G. Bozzo: Post-harvest biochemistry, secondary metabolism
Dr. H. Earl: Oilseeds Physiology and Agronomy
Dr. B. Grodzinski: Photosynthesis, C-paritioning and productivity
Dr. K.S. Jordan: Turfgrass Science and Nematology
Dr. E. Lyons: Turfgrass Science and Physiology
Dr. B. Micallef: Genetics and physiology of greenhouse vegetables
Dr. T.A. Proctor: Perennial crops, assimilate partitioning, photosynthesis, phytohormones
Dr. P. Saxena: Plant Cell Technology Laboratory
Dr. B. Shelp: abiotic and biotic stress resistance in plants using genetic engineering strategies
Dr. F. Tardif: Weed Science