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The Good Season weed cookbook cover

Weed Cookbook

The Good Season, a cookbook featuring recipes with edible weeds, was released this spring by Michelle Arseneault and Michelle Carkner. Michelle Arseneault is now a grad student in Plant Ag working under professor John Cline. The book introduces wild edibles, showing readers how to identify...08 May 2014
Prof. Lewis Lukens

Crop Domestication

Prof. Lewis Lukens and PhD student Ann Meyer of the Department of Plant Agriculture examined why domestic crops have been so slow to take root. Their research, now published in the current issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, revealed that the slower than expected evolution of...06 May 2014
Cake that reads: "Congratulations OAC Bayfield"

20th year, OAC Bayfield

OAC Bayfield soybean has been named 2013 Seed of the Year for Eastern Canada. Photo: Presentation of clock to commemorate the 20th year of commercial use of OAC Bayfield soybean; Dr. Istvan Rajcan, current soybean breeder, Guelph Campus, Dr. Wally Beversdorf (retired) who directed the...29 Nov 2013
Photo of professor John Cline

Science and Apples

Did you know that it takes four apples to make a glass of pure apple juice?  Lucky for us, modern apple farms are using the dwarfing rootstock system - creating more efficient and productive orchards to provide this crowd pleasing beverage! This week, Plant Ag. Prof, John Cline was...02 Oct 2013
Picture of yellow plums

Sweet Success: Breeding Yellow Plums

This Friday August 16th, Professor Jay Subramanian was featured in the Toronto Star's Food and Wine section for his research and development 7 new varieties of Yellow European Plums (YEPs). Jay has had great success in developing numerous other stone-fruit varieties like peaches, nectarines and...16 Aug 2013
Image of magazine article about New Tools for Old Crops

Dr. Raizada: New Tools for Old Crops

Dr. Manish Raizada was featured in the latest edition of Guelph's Research Magazine, for his research with improving millet and introducing "agricultural tool kits" to marginalized farmers in Nepal, Sri Lanka and India. For the article published in the University of Guelph'...13 Aug 2013
Picture of Dr Saxena in laboratory

Globe & Mail: Dr. Saxena & Cryopreservation

Dr. Praveen Saxena’s recent work in conjunction with the new Gosling Research Institute for Plant Preservation (GRIPP) was featured front-page of the Globe and Mail today, along with a video-news clip (see below). It highlights the work that Saxena and Plant Agriculture professor Al Sullivan...02 Aug 2013
Adam Dale and chestnut tree

Crossbreeding Aims to Save Chestnut Trees

Castanea dentata once accounted for about one in four of the trees in this part of the world, providing timber and nuts for food. “The American chestnut was probably one of the dominant tree species in the Carolinian forest all the way from southern Ontario to Georgia,” says Dale...13 Jun 2012
Students in research greenhouse

Keeping Up with Organic Agriculture

In order to cope with the world wide expansion of organic agriculture (10-20% per year), the instructor for OAGR*2050, Roger Nkoa has introduced a student-greenhouse-research project in which canola crops in organic settings are studied and then compared with those grown in conventional settings...03 Nov 2011
Amar Mohanty

U of G to Help Create 'Green' Cars

Automobiles with bumpers and running boards made from composites of agricultural crops such as corn and wheat are closer to hitting the open road. A team of researchers - including two from the University of Guelph - has received $620,000 to create "green" car parts from biofibres and...21 May 2009