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Job Opening: Extraction Lab Director
Lab Type: Large cGMP Medical Cannabis Extraction Lab
Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica
Pure Jamaican Limited, a Canadian company with subsidiaries in Jamaica, is seeking highly-qualified candidates to fill the Extraction Lab Director position for its new cGMP cannabis extraction facility in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The company has submitted an application for a Tier 2 processing license to the Cannabis LicensingAuthority (“CLA”) of Jamaica, with a provisional license expected to be granted soon. The Extraction Lab Director’s duties and responsibilities will encompass all aspects of the startup management for a new, largevolume cGMP cannabis extraction facility with capacity to produce APIs to EU pharma standards from in excess of 100,000kg of biomass on an annual basis. Duties will include, but not be limited to: working with architects to complete the design of the cGMP facility, development of the specs and selection of all extraction and related equipment, managing the build-out of the lab, initial staff hiring, security and critical infrastructure planning/installation, equipment installation, cGMP procedures documentation and implementation, method development, and all day-to-day lab operations.
A successful candidate will have a Ph.D. or Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, or Organic Chemistry or equivalent extensive on-the-job training and have at least 10 years’ experience in management of botanical extraction or pharmaceutical production operation(s). The ideal candidate will also have a Ph.D. or Master’s degree in manufacturing or industrial organization, as well as specialized management and hands-on experience in either large-volume commercial cannabis or industrial hemp extraction using ethanol, or in biopharmaceutical or botanical extraction.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Lead the high-throughput processing of large volumes of cannabis biomass into APIs to EU pharma standards for export to pharmaceutical company buyers globally.
  • Ensure that the processing operations are maintained and operated in a manner which is compliant with EU and US cGMP guidelines for pharmaceutical manufacturers, as well as international standards for fire and employee safety.
  • Work with architects to complete the design the cGMP facility, including development of the final specs and selection of all large-volume ethanol extraction and related equipment (which is already in process).
  • Manage the build-out of the lab, including equipment installation, cGMP procedures documentation and implementation, method development, and security and critical infrastructure planning.
  • Supervise the design and oversee the installation of all internal security infrastructure involved with extraction and vault storage of high-value APIs.
  • Create and maintain standard operating procedure manuals and practices in all areas of extraction from material receiving to processing to packaging and shipping to customers, ensuring uniformity and standardization in production.
  • Maintain an asset inventory log to track all assets of the company (including but not limited to inventory, raw materials, processing equipment, etc.) on a real-time basis.
  • Conduct initial staff hiring, training, and manage all day-to-day lab operations.
  • Hire and manage staff for all areas of processing operations.
  • Process, orient and train new hires for their respective positions.
  • Designate supervisors for different areas of operations and coordinate with them for task delegation, labor allocation, efficiency and accountability.
  • Create job descriptions and daily duty lists for various processing personnel.
  • Ensure constant adherence to internal quality control systems and measurements.
  • Pursue continuing improvements to equipment, infrastructure, and methods to keep laboratory operations on the leading-edge globally.
  • Maintain regular inventory levels of all facility consumables and raw materials for processing operations.
  • Create a purchase order and reorder system for processing facility consumable goods.
  • Work with executive team to establish and meet production goals and standards, develop new products and procedures, and commission new equipment.
  • Conduct method development for new products and using new extraction equipment as may be required by the company over time.
  • Generate production reports on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
  •  Utilize various metrics in tracking production efficiency and perform subsequent analysis of the data to generate new initiatives.
  • Maintain all reporting duties as required by the Cannabis Licensing Authority for a Tier 2 processing site.
  • Host directors, CLA personnel, and any other regulatory personnel on site and maintain a working dialogue.
  • Ensure that the factory remains in compliance with all CLA regulations and standards as established by the company directors.
Required Qualifications:
  1. Education: Ph.D. or Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, or Organic Chemistry is preferred, however individuals with equivalent academic and extensive on-the-job training will still be considered. Certifications from industrial and environmental regulatory bodies, or any other industrial or organizational certifications will be very beneficial. Laboratory safety or Good Laboratory Practices certifications will be extremely beneficial.
  2. Experience: At least ten years of supervisory, management and technical experience in a GMP or cGMP volume processing/manufacturing lab is required. Specialized management and hands-on experience in large-volume commercial cannabis or industrial hemp extraction using ethanol is highly preferred. Management or supervisory experience in the biopharmaceutical or botanical extraction fields is also highly valued. Management experience in essential oils extraction or alcohol distillation industries is also a plus. Candidates should have extensive laboratory training and experience in either their educational or vocational careers.
  3. Skills:
    • Strong written and verbal communication
    • Highly organized
    • Good personnel management skills
    • Able to delegate complex tasks
    • Strong critical analysis
    • Effective at research
    • Ability to consistently meet time-based goals
    • Proficiency with statistical process control measures
    • Fluency with Good Manufacturing Processes and Good Laboratory Practices
    • Familiarity with lock out tag out procedures
    • Skilled in basic engineering, plumbing, construction and electrical circuitry
    • Ability to author Standard Operating Procedure Manuals based on execution and observations of work performed.
    • Proficiency with Microsoft Excel, Word, Adobe Acrobat, and CAD.
  • Salary-based position depending on experience.
  • Incentive plan for exceeding performance targets.
  • Flexible work environment.
  • Reasonable relocation expenses.
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