Strategic Plan

Plant Agriculture is strongly rooted in crop science and horticultural science but we now encompass applied bioinformatics; molecular genetics; genomics; field, horticultural and greenhouse crops; plant breeding; turf and grassland studies; environmental sustainability; and the use of plant materials for health, fibres and industrial products. Furthermore, we recognize that society’s expectations of agriculture are changing to include a wide range of health and environmental services such as producing food with nutraceuticals, protecting biodiversity, mitigating climate change and providing alternative energy sources.

We are committed to our mission, which is “To improve life through innovative science, education and service in plant agriculture”

Image: Improving life through innovative science

This means that we also want to apply knowledge to provide food, feed and fibre for society and to educate students at diploma, undergraduate and graduate levels in our areas of expertise.

All members of the Department were invited to contribute to the formulation of the current plan.  We envision that the broad concepts of the plan will serve the Department for the next 5 years but will review the plan, yearly, to update its details.