Dr. John Cline

John Cline in orchard

Prof. John A. Cline

B.Sc. (Agr) Dept. of Land Resource Science, University of Guelph; 
M.Sc. Dept. of Horticultural Science, Michigan State University; 
Ph.D. Wye College, University of London, UK

Pomology, plant physiology, apple, cherry, peach, plum, irrigation, plant bioregulators, chemical thinning, rootstocks, orchard systems, tree fruit nutrition, cultivars, soil management, cherry cracking

Dr. John Cline is a Professor in the Department of Plant Agriculture, University of Guelph where he conducts tree fruit physiology research on apples in Simcoe, Ontario on apples, peaches, pears, and cherries. John is also involved in mentoring graduate and undergraduate studies at the University of Guelph, and provides extension services to the industry, growers and stakeholders.

The primary objectives his pomology research is to investigate factors that determine yield and fruit quality of tree fruit crops, as well as environmental issues surrounding tree fruit production. Experiments include investigating the use of new, dwarfing peach and cherry rootstocks, irrigation scheduling, plant bio-regulators, and new methods to thin apples and peaches. He is also interested in understanding the physiological basis for rain-induced cracking of sweet cherries, as well as studying the benefits of organic mulches in the orchard.