Undergraduate Courses

Semester Offering Coursesort descending Instructors
Winter AGR*2050 Agroecology John Sulik
Winter AGR*2500 Field Course in International Agriculture Max Jones
Winter AGR*3010 (S) Special Studies in Agricultural Science I Francois Tardif
Winter AGR*3010 (W) Special Studies in Agricultural Science I Francois Tardif
Fall, Winter AGR*4450 Research Project I Melanie Kalischuk
Fall, Winter AGR*4460 Research Project II Melanie Kalischuk
Winter AGR*4600 Agriculture and Food Issues Problem Solving Rene Van Acker
Winter BOT*1200 Plants and Human Use Renuka Karunagoda
Winter BOT*2000 DE Plants, Biology and People Jayasankar (Jay) Subramanian
Winter CROP*3300 Grain Crops Helen Booker
Winter CROP*4220 Cropping Systems Joshua Nasielski
Winter ENVS*4190 Biological Activity of Herbicides Francois Tardif
Winter HORT*1120 DE Grape and Wine Science K. Helen Fisher
Winter HORT*3270 Medicinal Plants Praveen K. Saxena
Winter HORT*3280 Greenhouse Crop Production Bernard Grodzinski, Dave Kerec
Winter HORT*3310 Plants, Food and Health
Winter HORT*3430 DE Wine-Grape Culture K. Helen Fisher
Winter HORT*4200 Plants, Environment and Society Eric M. Lyons
Winter HORT*4300 Postharvest Physiology Gale Bozzo
Winter HORT*4450 Advanced Turfgrass Science Katerina Serlemitsos Jordan
Winter MBG*3100 Plant Genetics David Wolyn, Helen Booker
Winter MBG*4300 Plant Molecular Genetics
Winter OAGR*2070 Introduction to Organic Agriculture Ruth Knight, Kimberley Schneider
Winter PBIO*3110 Crop Physiology Hugh J. Earl
Winter PBIO*3120 Plant Physiology Eric M. Lyons
Winter PBIO*4070 Biological and Cultural Control of Plant Diseases Katerina Serlemitsos Jordan
Winter PBIO*4150 Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Plant Development K. Peter Pauls
Winter PBIO*4750 Genetic Engineering of Plants Francois Tardif