Fall Courses

Course Instructors
AGR*1110 Introduction to Agri-Food Systems
AGR*2150 Plant Agriculture for International Development Manish N. Raizada
AGR*2470 Introduction to Plant Agriculture Katerina Serlemitsos Jordan, Mary Ruth McDonald, Joshua Nasielski
AGR*3010 (F) Special Studies in Agricultural Science I Francois Tardif
AGR*3450 Research Methods in Agricultural Science Joshua Nasielski
AGR*4020 Precision Techniques for Plant Agriculture John Sulik
AGR*4450 Research Project I Melanie Kalischuk
AGR*4460 Research Project II Melanie Kalischuk
BIOL*1050 Biology of Plants and Animals in Managed Ecosystems Bernard Grodzinski, K. Peter Pauls , Andy Robinson
BIOL*3300 Applied Bioinformatics Lewis Lukens
CROP*3310 Protein and Oilseed Crops Mahbuba Siddiqua
CROP*3340 Managed Grasslands Kimberley Schneider
CROP*4240 Weed Science Francois Tardif
CROP*4260 Crop Science Field Trip Elizabeth (Liz) Lee, Joshua Nasielski
HORT*1130 Science of Gardening Melanie Kalischuk
HORT*2450 Introduction to Turfgrass Science Eric M. Lyons
HORT*3010 Annual, Perennial and Indoor Plants; Identification and Use Rodger Tschanz
HORT*3050 Management of Turfgrass Insect Pests and Weeds Francois Tardif
HORT*3150 Principles and Applications of Plant Propagation Max Jones
HORT*3510 Vegetable Production Barry J. Micallef
HORT*4380 Tropical and Sub-Tropical Crops
HORT*4420 Fruit Crops John A. Cline
IAEF*3500 Experiential Education Melinda Vanryn
MBG*4160 Plant Breeding Helen Booker, David Wolyn, Istvan Rajcan
MBG*4300 Plant Molecular Genetics Manish N. Raizada
PBIO*3750 Plant Tissue Culture Jayasankar (Jay) Subramanian
BINF*6410 Bioinformatics Programming Lewis Lukens
PLNT*6080 Plant Disease Epidemiology and Management Mary Ruth McDonald, Katerina Serlemitsos Jordan
PLNT*6110 Fruit and Vegetable Technology
PLNT*6210 Herbicide Physiology and Biochemistry Darren Robinson, Peter Sikkema
PLNT*6230 (F) Colloquium in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry John A. Cline
PLNT*6240 Crop Production and Management Francois Tardif
PLNT*6250 Colloquium in Plant Genetics and Breeding Jayasankar (Jay) Subramanian
PLNT*6260 Advanced Plant Genetics I Lewis Lukens
PLNT*6290 Physiological and Developmental Genetics in Plants Manish N. Raizada, David Wolyn
PLNT*6320 Metabolic Processes in Crop Plants Barry J. Micallef
PLNT*6340 Plant Breeding Helen Booker, David Wolyn, Istvan Rajcan
PLNT*6400 (F) Seminar K. Peter Pauls
PLNT*6450 Plant Agriculture International Field Trip Elizabeth (Liz) Lee, Joshua Nasielski
PLNT*6500 Applied Bioinformatics Lewis Lukens
PLNT*6800 Special Topics in Plant Science Melanie Kalischuk
PLNT*6800 Special Topics in Plant Science (Herbicide Activity) Darren Robinson, Peter Sikkema
UNIV*6020 Applied Ag Stats Amir Bazrgar
DTM*1000 The Turfgrass Industry Cam Shaw
DTM*1010 The Identification and Care of Landscape Plants in Turf Environments I James (Jamie) Simpson, Mike Van Beek
DTM*1100 Plant Biology Gale Bozzo, Dave Kerec
DTM*1200 Turf Equipment Sean Jordan
DTM*1300 Turf Soil Principles Mike Van Beek
DTM*1500 Turf Communication Skills Cam Shaw
DTM*3000 Turf Management II Eric M. Lyons
DTM*3100 Current Turf Practices Cam Shaw
DTM*3200 Turfgrass Diseases Tom Hsiang
DTM*3300 Turf Insects and Weeds Francois Tardif
DTM*3400 Landscape Construction David White
DTM*3800 (F) Special Study Project I Cam Shaw