Growth Facility Space Request

All users are required to complete the following form(s) in full, including the appropriate University trust account number to be charged. After completing the form, submit it to the Growth Facilities Technician, in the appropriate Building, in advance of your experiment start date. Please check with the Technician if the appropriate space for your needs is available prior to submitting your request.
NOTE:  One form is required for each Growth Facility space requested.


Answer the following questions to determine if any additional forms are required:

Does your project involve work with Plants with Novel Traits (PNTs)* or work with Microorganisms & Pathogens?

* Plants with Novel Traits (PNT's) - Definition: a plant variety that possesses a characteristic that is intentionally selected or created through specific genetic change and is either not previously associated with a distinct and stable population of the plant species in Canada or expressed outside the normal range of similar existing characteristic in the plant species.


1. If you are having difficulties filling out the forms within your browser, please download the form to your system, fill it out, print and submit.

2. Space can be rented to users outside the Department of Plant Agriculture, including those external to the University, depending on space availability.

Growth Facility Contacts

Crop Science Building

Sue Couling
Ext. 52476
CRSC Rm 135

Bovey Building

Ron Dutton
Ext. 52788
HHGH Rm 1516