Rene Van Acker

Rene Van Acker



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B.Sc. University of Guelph
M.Sc. University of Guelph
PhD. University of Reading (UK)



102 JHNH

Weed Science, Agronomy, Weed Ecology and Biology: Weed management is a constant challenge in crop production systems world-wide.  The way in which we manage weeds is fundamentally a function of the nature of the production system and the opportunities with a production system for timely weed recruitment. My weed management research focuses on weed recruitment biology and the impact of its nature on the efficacy of management approaches. I work in the context of the continuum of agricultural production systems from intensive to natural systems agriculture and I work collaboratively with researchers across North America.

Biosafety: The next wave of novel traits being engineered into food and feed crops in Canada include traits for plant made pharmaceuticals (PMPs) and industrial bio-products. These traits will bring great value but some will pose risks to food safety if the traits are not adequately confined. A priori assessment and mitigation of these risks is greatly facilitated by the use of dynamic deterministic models of trait movement. The broad objective of my research in this area is to facilitate the future exploitation of novel traits in cropped plants by producing effective, detailed deterministic models of crop to crop novel trait movement (trait confinement models).


AGR*4600 Agriculture and Food Issues Problem Solving

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Selected Publications:

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