Professional Accreditation

Employers recognize the value of professional accreditation. Plant Agriculture's programs at Guelph are accredited by the Agricultural Institute of Canada and the Ordre des agronomes du Québec (AIC/OAQ). This accreditation is designed to ensure that Agrobiologists/Agronomes graduates have career mobility in Canada and around the world. The accreditation also ensures that the University of Guelph Agronomy program provides graduates with:

  • a sound basis in appropriate natural and social sciences
  • a general knowledge of the agri-food system
  • sufficient depth in the area of specialization
  • the ability to think critically and solve problems, especially in a team context
  • the ability to communicate orally and in writing
  • computer literacy
  • an appreciation of the arts and humanities
  • an understanding of the elements of the business of agriculture
  • a knowledge of the profession of agrology and ethical professional behaviour

The Agronomy program is designed to meet the education requirements for membership in the Canadian and American professional agronomy associations and the academic requirements for certification as a professional agrologists. Professional agrologists (P.Ag.) must be licensed by a Provincial Institute of Agrologists to practice in Canada. Each provincial institute has its own criteria but all include a university degree in agriculture and relevant experience. Contact the following for more details:

British Columbia Institute of Agrologists

Manitoba Institute of Agrologists

New Brunswick Institute of Agrologists

Newfoundland & Labrador Institute of Agrologists

Nova Scotia Institute of Agrologists

Ontario Institute Of Agrologists

Prince Edward Island Institute of Agrologists

Quebec Institute of Agrologists

Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists