Welcome New Grad Students!


We are pleased to welcome 3 new PhD and 15 new MSc students to our academic community!  It will be a challenging, enriching and fulfilling experience and I hope you take advantage of all of the wonderful opportunities offered to you at the University of Guelph and by the Department of Plant Ag. 

Doria Ali, MSc, Dave Hooker
Adam Carter, MSc, Milad Eskandari
Gabriel Forero, MSc, Art Schaafsma
Rattandeep Gill, PhD, Milad Eskandari
Craig Harnock, MSc, Eric Lyons
Sierra Harris, MSc, Rene Van Acker
Gregory Innes, MSc, Barry Micallef
Kamal Khadka, PhD, Manish Raizada
Jason Lemay, MSc, Mary Ruth McDonald
Edward MacDonell, MSc, Istvan Rajcan
Andrew McLean, MSc, Mary Ruth McDonald
Jeffrey Rinne, PhD, Manish Raizada,
Charles Shearer, MSc, Manish Raizada
Finlay Small, MSc, Manish Raizada
Cyril Tayviah, MSc, Mary Ruth McDonald
Ernest Urquico, MSc, Katerina Jordan
Tasha Valente, MSc, Francois Tardif
Alexander Whittal, MSc Ali Navabi

Grad student orientation will be conducted by GSLC reps on the morning of Sept. 15th.

Good luck to you as you begin the 2014-2015 academic year!