Stephen Bowley Wins OAC Alumni Distinguished Teaching Award


Stephen Bowley, Dean Van Acker and Rocio Morales Rayas, OAC Alumni AssociationProf. Stephen Bowley, Department of Plant Agriculture, received the Distinguished Teaching Award, which recognizes the importance of effective teaching by faculty who play a significant role in the education of OAC students.During his career at U of G, Bowley has had success teaching at both ends of the scale – first year students and graduate students. His contributions to PLANT*6170 have resulted in a course that is recognized college-wide as a critical component of training in most of OAC’s graduate programs, as well as programs outside the college. He has produced extremely high quality teaching materials and continually tests and adopts new teaching technologies, including using YouTube as a platform to post recorded lectures. His time and devotion spent to adapting these teaching materials have greatly benefited students and made the material more accessible – for instance, students whose first language is not English find this teaching method particularly effective. One of his students had this to say: “This course was excellent! The instructor was very knowledge, helpful and organized. The course was presented in an easy to follow manage…The information taught in this course will be extremely useful for my thesis and future career. High recommend this course, the instructor is fabulous and it is very, very helpful! Double thumbs up! Thanks for a great semester and learning opportunity!”

Our congratulations to Stephen Bowley for his exceptional work teaching young minds.