Seminar Series Comes to a Close


I would like to thank our seminar committee [consisting of Istvan Rajcan (Chair), Barry Micallef, Praveen Saxena and Fawn Turner] for organizing an excellent schedule of seminars for us this semester.

The series ended April 9th with a very interesting seminar entitled "King Georges, Vampires and Herbicides" by Dr. Franck Dayan, Research, Plant Physiologist, USDA-ARS Natural Products Utilization Research Unit, Thad Cochran Research Center, U.S.A. 

Thank you to the grad students and faculty, who met with seminar speakers to make them feel welcome.

A reminder, if you missed a seminar and would like to hear what they had to say, they are available under the "recorded seminar" button on our website homepage. Thank you to Mike Peppard for the technical support to make those recordings.

  Peter Pauls

Grad Seminar