R.M. DePauw Lecture


R.M. DePauw Lecture Adapting Wheat in Canada to Contribute to Global Fodd Security

Dr. Ron M. DePauw, visited the department on July 9-10, 2015, meeting with staff and presenting a seminar titled "Adapting Wheat in Canada to Contribute to Global Food Security".


wheat break staff meet with R. DePauw to discuss researchAfter a 41 year career with Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, and building his reputation as a world-class wheat breeder, Dr. Ron DePauw has joined SeCan in the position of Science Advisor. He has actively participated in the registration of 47 cultivars of wheat and 6 cultivars of triticale. His hard red & spring wheat-breeding program has produced cultivars with wide adaptation, shifting the negative relationship between grain yield and grain protein concentration with “AC Barrie” setting a new standard of production. “Lillian” became the first solid stem wheat ever, to be the most widely grown cultivar in Canada in the Canada Western Hard Red spring wheat market class. About 50% of all of the wheat grown in Canada derives from cultivars that he and his team developed. He has participated in the publication of more than 180 scientific manuscripts. He has received numerous awards including the Order of Canada.

The seminar is available through Adobe Connect. Follow the link below: