Ridgetown Soil and Crop Club


Ridgetown campus' newest club --Ridgetown Soil and Crop Club -- had it's first ever event on Oct 1.  The club aims to provide additional crop and soil knowledge to the students of Ridgetown campus.  The event was held at Blake Vince's farm near Merlin, ON and was HIGHLY successful, with over 40 junior, senior, and graduate students.  Over 15 volunteered to drive (thank you!)

Blake certainly made the group think outside of the box with his innovative practices that are centred around the use of cover crops.  

Crop Club event at Blake Vince's farm

Thanks to the staff who managed to attend in support!  And thanks to the Club President, senior student Kevin Bilyea for organizing.

Any questions or if you'd like to join, please send an email to : ridgecropsoil@gmail.com

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