Project SOY 2014 Competition Winners


Project SOY (Soybean Opportunities for Youth) competition was held last week.  Project SOY is an annual contest that harnesses students' creative power to develop new products and marketing strategies for soybeans.  Students are awarded cash prizes for diploma, undergraduate and graduate projects.

In the graduate category plant ag student, Hae Won Kim, placed third for her cookie, Flabran which is made from black soybeans. Hae Won is an MSc candidate and is under the supervision of Dr. Clarence Swanton.  The main focus of Hae Won's research proposal was to increase soybean acreages in Ontario by introducing black soybean food products in North America using Canadian registered Black soybean variety named Black Pearl.

Flabran cookie

Second prize was awarded to a novel energy harvesting foam product for use in the auto industry called Soy PZT Inc., created by Vida Poursorkhabi and Ghodsieh Mashouf both from the BDDC group.

Congratulations to all the winners!

More information and the full article can be found here