The Plant Agriculture Graduate Student Involvement Award


The Plant Agriculture Graduate Student Involvement Award aims to recognize the contribution of our students who go above and beyond what is expected in regards to volunteer activities, ensuring success of the department. 
This year the award went to MSc. Candidate, Maryam Vazin.  Maryam was recognized at the Welcome BBQ for new Grad students for the work she has done to involve students and contribute to our community. She was the department lead for the 2013 United Way campaign, motivating us to support this great cause. By organizing numerous fundraising events, she guided us to exceed our fundraising goal and raise more than we ever had. Maryam is also involved in workshops for high school students where she demonstrates techniques like DNA extraction. As the department representative for the OAC-GSC, she helps to organize events like College Royal and other social events. 
We'd like to congratulate Maryam and thank her for her contribution. You are a great example of community spirit and involvement in Plant Ag!