Plant Ag in the News: from FIFA's turf to space plants


FIFA Brasil soccer turf


The Globe and Mail interviewed Prof. Eric Lyons on June 26 for a story about FIFA's field turf, "Canadian grass pitch-perfect for Brazil". According to Lyons maintaining a uniform field is important to event organizers, and for TV appearances for the billions of people that tune in to watch games. But there are many challenges and factors to control when maintaining a soccer pitch including soil, shade and field use.


Prof. B. Grodzinski was mentioned in At Guelph for a story, "Growing Food on Other Planets is Next Frontier in Space Travel" on June 27. The article explains his collaborative research with the Department of Plant Agriculture and Environmental Biology in leading the InTICE (Innovative Technologies in Challenging Environments) program. The InTICE team, including Grodzinski, is looking at the possibility of growing food on other planets, and also in extreme conditions here on Earth. One of the project's goals is to use LED technology to grow plants without sunlight.