Plant Ag grads win scholarships


Hard work pays off, and as a student, scholarships can help subsidize expensive tuition fees.

Eight Plant Ag masters and PhD students were granted scholarships for 2014-15 for their outstanding academic work!

The following students were awarded a Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology for 2014-15 academic year:

Michelle Arseneault, MSc, advisor John Cline
Travis Goron, MSc, advisor Manish Raizada
Andrew McKenzie-Gopsill, PhD, advisor Clarence Swanton
Amritpal Singh, PhD, advisor Praveen Saxena

2 year Graduate Research Assistant Tuition Supplements have been awarded to:
Craig Harnock, MSc, advisor Eric Lyons
Sierra Harris, MSc, advisor Rene Van Acker
Chris Budd*, *MSc, advisor Peter Sikkema

4 year Graduate Research Assistant Tuition Supplements were awarded to:
Lauren Erland, PhD, advisor Praveen Saxena

Congrats Grads!