Plant Ag Booth at Summerfest 2017 a Success


Many thanks go to Rodger Tschanz for the popular display at Summerfest which had a lot of traffic. The activity tent asked visitors to use a a selection of new flower cultivars to create a mixed container and record their choices on a ballot. As a thank you for filling out the ballot, participants received an 'Eclipse' asparagus seedling from Dave Wolyn's asparagus breeding program. More than 400 asparagus seedlings were given out. The steady flow of visitors to the booth kept booth staff busy from 10:30 am to 4pm.  Summer students, Markus King and Hanna Peters from Rodger's lab and Stephanie Craig from OAC helped at the booth. Thanks to Jen Kingswell for taking pictures and to the Wolyn lab for supplying asparagus seedlings.