Peaches Fresh From the Tree


Thank you to Jay Subramanian and his group and all others who helped organize an enjoyable day in Vineland. It was great to hear about the research that Jay's team is conducting in Vineland and internationally.

Only in Plant Ag can you truly appreciate the variety of peach germplasm that is available for breeding by walking through an orchard filled with peaches and nectarines, of every kind, and conducting your own taste test. With so many delicious possibilities - it must be hard to choose a winner.  

Thank you also to Malcolm Campbell (VP Research), Robert Gordon (Dean) and Jim Brandle (CEO VRIC) for joining us and sharing their thoughts on horticultural research and research collaboration.

Glen Alm talks to the group about the peachesGrad students happily sampling the fruitConstruction of the greenhouse

  Group photo in front of the orchard

It was exceptional day and the weather was brilliant to match.
K. Peter Pauls, Professor and Chair
Department of Plant Agriculture