Nature art exhibit uses Plant Ag talent


Art display at MacDonald Stewart Art Centre

Live grass, flowers, and trees surround the kinetic art exhibit "promised lands", constructed by Robert Hengeveld, artist in residence for the School of Environmental Sciences (SES). In order to achieve his vision of an exhibit alive with greenery, Hengeveld enlisted the help of Rodger Tschanz, greenhouse tech and manager of the UG Trial Gardens in the department of Plant Agriculture.

Tschanz has turned his green thumb into artistic talent, growing custom turf for the exhibit. Using regular sod wouldn't have been practical or successful, so Tschanz took a species from the Guelph Turfgrass Institute. The specialty grass is grown on felt, which anchors roots and retains nutrients. It requires less maintenance than regular turf and is easy to install like a carpet.

Multiple art pieces make up the unique exhibit, all under the theme of promises. For more info on the exhibit see:

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The exhibit opened in early May at the MacDonald Stewart Art Centre, and will be on display until mid-July.


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