Living Ornaments


The Gosling Research Institute for Plant Preservation (GRIPP), graciously donated a number of living ornaments to be sold to help raise funds for the United Way. If you waited until today to get yours- you were too late.  These babies sold out in no time at all and a whopping $2000 was raised. 

Each of these ornaments contain a Drosera plant, commonly known as a sundew.  Sundews are commonly found in wetland habitats and supplement their nutrition by trapping and digesting insects.   After a few months, the plants will fill the container, should have well developed roots, and are capable of being transplanted.  Check out the GRIPP website for these and more information.

Thanks to Dr. Max Jones and Abhishek Cattopadhyay for all your efforts in putting these together and for thinking outside the "bulb"! It is these kinds of unconventional and imaginative ideas from our department that sets us apart from the rest!!!