The Julien Project: Plant Therapy


Student planting in the Bovey GreenhouseRodger Tschanz , greenhouse technician in Plant Ag, has been cultivating something other than plants in the Bovey greenhouses this spring. Youth from across the city have been exercising their gardening skills through the Julien Project, a horticultural therapy program based in Guelph. Under the supervision of Tschanz, high-school youth planted and cared for plants over a two-week period.

The Horticultural Internship Program (HIP) funded by the Julien Project, targets youth who struggle with traditional learning environments, providing alternative, hands-on, garden-based teaching techniques.  

“It is obvious that plants are a great teaching tool and that we have a great and unique facility in the Bovey Greenhouse to provide students with exposure to a vast array of different plant species and plant forms,” said Tschanz. 

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