International IPM award - Muck Crop IPM


Recently the Muck Crops IPM program received the International IPM Award of Excellence.  The event was held March 23–26, in Salt Lake City.  Mary Ruth and her team were praised for their excellent accomplishments in Integrated Pest Managment. 

"The International IPM Award of Excellence recognizes exemplary leadership and dedication in advancing reduced risk practices for pest management.  They have made significant contributions to the advancement of integrated pest management around the world and in their backyard."

More about the award and the work Mary Ruth and her team are doing can be found on the Integrated Pest Management website

Team members for the IPM award:

Dr. Mary Ruth McDonald – project lead
Dennis Van Dyk - IPM coordinator 2014 - present
Dr. Michael Tesfaendrias - IPM coordinator 2009-2013
Kevin Vander Kooi - technical support
Matt Sheppard – Industry partner (Bradford Cooperative Storage)
Jamie Reaume – Grower association partner (Holland Marsh Growers Association)
Alex Makarenko – Grower association partner (Holland Marsh Growers Association)
Marion Paibomaesi - government extension specialist

International IPM award winners

In this photo from left to right are:  Dr. Jill Shroeder (IPM symposium Co-Chair)  Dennis Van Dyk (Plant Agriculture) Prof. Mary Ruth McDonald (Plant Agriculture) Margaret Appleby (OMAFRA and IPM Symposium Co-Chair) and Naresh Duggal ( IPM Symposium Co-Chair).

Congratulations on this prestigious award.