Dr. Subramanian Wins Grant's Desi Achiever Award


Dr. Jay Subramanian was given The Grant's Desi Achiever Award on July 22, 2023. This award recognizes the outstanding service to the community and setting the bar higher for south Asians in Canada. 

Varsha and Dheiksha have taken a peach to school for show-and-tell, not just any peach, but a special one developed by their father Dr Jayasankar Subramanian!

The research scientist and professor of plant agriculture at the University of Guelph has developed new varieties of disease resistant and cold tolerant peaches, plums, nectarines and cherries.

He has worked with research students and farmers and the women in farming communities to implement good Canadian technology to enhance food security in the developing world. 

“Women are talking to the scientists and providing very valid inputs, they are negotiating in the trade, making decisions about what the money is to be used for and overwhelmingly, they are opting to educate their children,” says Dr Subramanian. 

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Dr. Jay Subramanian receiving Grant's Desi Achievement Award


Dr. Subramanian in a greenhouse looking at plants