Dr. Shelp's Research Profiled in Floral Today


Optimizing nutrient delivery in greenhouse-grown potted chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums of various coloursThe ever-increasing cost of fertilizer inputs is just one reason why indoor floricultural growers are interested in optimizing fertilizer application rates and practices. Across Canada, greenhouse growers have come under additional scrutiny as the possible source of contamination when unacceptable levels of pollutants have been found in nearby waterways. Just as critical, therefore, has been the need to meet increasingly stringent regulations set by environmental agencies to control the quality of irrigation run-off water.

As a result, Dr. Barry Shelp is now looking to answer the seemingly simple question of “how low can you go,” as part of the solution to both dilemmas which currently face the floriculture greenhouse grower.

His research was recently profiled by the Floral Daily (https://www.floraldaily.com/article/9399029/optimizing-nutrient-delivery-in-greenhouse-grown-potted-chrysanthemums/) and on the website of the Canadian Ornamental Horticulture Alliance