Dr. Helen Fisher Receives the VQA Promoters Lifetime Achievement Award


Dr. Helen FisherDr. Helen Fisher has been chosen to receive the VQA Promoters Lifetime Achievement Award, in recognition of her immeasurable contributions to the Ontario wine industry.

These awards were founded in 2006. Each year the committee strives to acknowledge individuals who celebrate the Ontario VQA wine industry with unselfish enthusiasm, constructive input and unsolicited promotion. Helen’s professional achievements, commitment, and passion for the grape and wine industry make her particularly well qualified to join the VQA Promoters. 

It was a “hands down unanimous decision” that Helen should receive this honour, and that  her “legacy will endure and continue to live on and impact future generations of Canadian grape growers and winemakers”.

Such high praise and a well-deserved honour for a wonderful member of our department family, who continues to make impressive research and teaching contributions years after her “retirement”.  Congratulations Helen!