Dr. C. Swanton and Dr. D. Hume Presented with Betty Clyde Award (2017 & 2018) at Aggies Good Time Banquet


Plant Ag not only grows outstanding plants but also cultivates outstanding staff and faculty! For two straight years in a row, a Plant Ag professor has won the Betty Clyde Award which is awarded annually to recognize an OAC staff member who has made a lasting impact on the student body. The award is dedicated to Betty Clyde, who through her enthusiasm and kindness, will always be remembered by the students she helped with a smile.

Clarence Swanton received the 2017 Betty Clyde Award and was recognized at this year's banquet as he was unable to be in attendance in 2017. Clarence has influenced many students through his involvement with the Midwest tour, the Costa Rica field course in international agriculture and the various courses that he teaches in the Plant Agriculture department. From teaching the parents of many of the current students during his time at the Ridgetown campus and now continuing to impact young minds, Clarence is a person that challenges his students to think critically and try to embrace different perspectives. He will always greet people with a smile and this enthusiasm for his work shows in every conversation. Any student that has had the pleasure of interacting with Clarence would agree that he is deserving of this award. 

At the 2018 Aggie Goodtimes Banquet, the Student Federation of the Ontario Agricultural College recognized David Hume. Dave, another member of the Plant Agriculture Department has been a part of the OAC community for over 50 years. In 1966, Dave began his career as a professor and has had an immense impact on OAC students ever since. Even after retiring in 2005, Dave continues to influence students as a Professor Emeritus. In his words, "I retired over 10 years ago and they just keep asking me back." Dave keeps students interested with his light-hearted, humorous attitude and encourages students to learn through active participation and asking questions. Dave also continues to appear as a speaker for the OAC Soil and Crop Club and promotes opportunities to students that he thinks might be of interest. Many OAC graduates look back and remember Dave's Protein and Oil Seeds course as their favourite course at the university and credit Dave with instilling in each of them a passion for agriculture. 

C. Swanton and D. Hume being presented with the 2017 and 2018 Betty Clyde Award respectively