Discovering Options in Plant Ag event a success!


Eric Lyons teaches students about turf

High school students explore Plant Agriculture opportunities

One-hundred-and-twenty-six high school students spent their Wednesday afternoon in the labs, gardens and greenhouses of Plant Ag. The event was meant to educate and encourage students to pursue secondary education in the field of plant agriculture at UG.

Seven high schools across the city participated in the event, which was well received by both students and teachers. At least one teacher from every school commented on how fantastic the day was, and many students provided positive feedback about the event.

Students were welcomed to the event by Karen Nelson, OAC Liaison Officer, and Peter Pauls, chair of Plant Agriculture. Rene Van Acker, associate dean of OAC gave a career presentation, providing information on different avenues students can take in fields relating to agriculture.

Students could select and participate in a range of science-based activities, including Weed ID with Francois Tardif, Plant ID with Rodger Tschanz, Grading and Sodding with Eric Lyons, Tree Planting and Plant Layout with Steve Fleischauer, and Plant DNA with Peter Pauls.

The event was covered by the Ontario Farmer, with the article to follow.


highschool students interact with Plant Ag staff