College Royal – Hort Club Display Wins 1st in OAC Prize


The Plant Ag displays in both the Bovey and Crop Science venues were attractive and had lots of chance for interaction. The participation of the Hort Club is always welcome and this year their display won the 1st in OAC Prize. Congratulations!  Also, it was great to have the involvement of the Turf Grass Club and the Soils and Crops Club this year and wonderful to have the enthusiastic participation of our grad students in setting up the displays and helping to host the event.  

The Crop Sci site had popcorn, a Bioproducts Discovery and Development Centre display, a weed ID activity, a photosynthesis display, a display by the Gossling Research Institute for Plant Preservation, a bean breeding and genomics display, a crop and seeds competition, plant colouring table and a Crop and Soils Club display and activity as well as a greenhouse tour. The Bovey site had a plant sale, a putting green, and a greenhouse lights display, a topiary display and greenhouse tours.  Both sites had chances for taking away plants in pots and had steady traffic.

The Plant Ag department also participated in the Town and Gown Chili Cook-off that was organized by Sue Bennett Director, University and Community Relations.  Two hundred lbs of beans were supplied by the bean breeding program and Hensall District Co-operative to approximately 12 restaurants in the city and food services venues on campus. They each produced a vegetarian and meat-based chili and competed for the best display and best tasting chili. Over $1000 in donations was raised for the Foodbank by the event.

Thank you to everyone for helping, in particular to Tara Israel and Rodger Tschanz for co-ordinating the volunteers.


Hort club displayHort club display

Peter Pauls