Careers in Agriculture Day


The Ontario Agricultural College and Career Education Council invited high school students to discover a wide range of careers and educational opportunities related to agriculture, animals, business, communities, design, environment, food, horticulture, hospitality, science and technology at the University today. The event was structured in an open house style, where students had a chance to see potential career paths and job opportunities. Over 200 students attended this interactive event. 

Eric Lyons was the keynote speaker and Rodger Tschanz and Rob Witherspoon provided hands-on career related activities.  Rodger facilitated a "Plant Detectives" activity. He transferred sick plants from the green house and lead students through the process of identifying the problem with each plant. This activity was tied to the responsibilities of being a Greenhouse Technician.  Rob set up a "Tools of the Trade" display for students to discover some of the technologies used in turf management. Students had the opportunity to try out instruments used by industry professionals to measure chlorophyll content, water infiltration rate, surface hardness, soil moisture content and green speed.

Eric Lyons presenting Careers in AgricultureHigh school studentsRodger Tschanz speaking with a group of high school students