The Canadian Phytopathological Society’s Best Educational Video Awards 2017-2018


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All graduate students, undergraduate students, research technicians and post-doctoral fellows conducting their research in plant sciences/plant pathology are eligible for the awards. However, preference may be given to CPS members. All videos will be played in a session during CPS Annual Meeting 2018 and posted on the society’s web page.
Rules for making video
1. The video should be focussed on a plant disease and must include the host(s), the pathogen, the symptoms and signs on the host(s).
2. The video should be easy to understand by high school and undergraduate students.
3. The video should be of 3-5 minutes in length.
4. Only one submission per participant will be considered.
5. Participant should agree to share his/her video on CPS pages on social networking sites and the website of the society. Additionally, permission should be granted to share the video with any educational institution worldwide.
March 15, 2018.
How to Submit Your Video?
Share in Dropbox or Google Drive with
All entries will be judged by the Awards Committee of the CPS and awards will be presented at the CPS Annual Meeting-2018 awards ceremony.
  • First Prize: $900
  • Second Prize: $500
  • Third Prize: $300