Mary Ruth McDonald receiving her Extension Award.

OAC Alumni Extension Award

Delayed by the rain on Thursday, the OAC Community BBQ was held Friday at noon on Johnston Green.  Faculty, staff and students were treated to hot beef on a bun, fresh fruit and sweets and a...20 Sep 2011
Amar Mohanty

U of G to Help Create 'Green' Cars

Automobiles with bumpers and running boards made from composites of agricultural crops such as corn and wheat are closer to hitting the open road. A team of researchers - including two from the...21 May 2009
Dr. Jay Subramanian

The Fruits of His Labour

BY ANDREW VOWLES Prof. Jay Subramanian, Plant Agriculture Those plum trees putting out their delicate pink and white blossoms on an early May afternoon in Vineland aren’t the only...20 May 2009
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