2017 CSA Teaching Excellence Award


On March 22nd, the CSA Teaching Excellence Award was given out at the On-Campus Teaching Awards ceremony. This year, DTM Program Director and lecturer Stephen Fleischauer was one of the two recipients.

The Central Student Association sponsors the CSA Teaching Excellence Award for instructors who make an outstanding contribution to teaching and learning. The award is given out annually to up to two professors or sessional lecturers and is awarded based on the following criteria:

  1. Inspiring - incited interest and desire to learn and better one's self, fosters a learning environment that is student-centered, encourages questions and critical thinking
  2. Mentoring - takes a personal interest in students' wellbeing and success, provides personal/professional development opportunities, takes a holistic approach to educating
  3. Innovation - in teaching style, course design, curriculum and evaluation methods
  4. Passion - for teaching, education, students, and their job as an educator
  5. Effectiveness - instils knowledge, content and skills in a lasting and meaningful way
  6. Approachability - welcoming and inviting towards students' questions, concerns, etc.
  7. Accessibility - makes time available for students, accommodates their need

Please join us in congratulating Steve on this well-deserved honour!

Stephen Fleischauer with nominator Lacy Droste

Stephen Fleischauer with one of his nominators, Lacy Droste.