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Head to Head alfalfa variety comparisons

The test data, from the now defunct OFCC, for alfalfa varieties was included in the alfalfa variety database available through the University of Wisconsin's website. This is an interactive program which enables you to conduct a head-to-head comparison of two alfalfa varieties. Head-to-head comparisons can be performed using Ontario & all States or a subset thereof, and one or more seeding years.

Note that both varieties must be seeded together in the same trial in order to obtain a head-to-head comparison. Information displayed includes the stand age (1=seeding year, 2=first full production year, etc.), the number of trials, forage yields (Tons per acre), the yield of each variety as a percent of the trial mean, and, if possible, a head-to-head (side-by-side) comparison of the two varieties.

Follow this link to perform your own head-to-head alfalfa comparison:      http://fyi.uwex.edu/forage/alfalfa/

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