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Management Trial Reports

The former Ontario Forage Crops Committee (OFCC) reviewed research work on forage species and used this information to prepare production recommendations. Historically, the OFCC had a Subcommittee which evaluated management factors and their effect on forage production. The following are the OFCC reports on management trials conducted in various harvest years.

The 1983 report is a special publication prepared by the late Professor R. S. Fulkerson, University of Guelph, summarizing a number of the forage management investigations he conducted over his 37 year research career. As Professor Fulkerson wrote in his introduction:

"The late Professor Robert Keegan would chuckle and call this a summary of 'forty years in the wilderness'; however, my tenure has only been thirty-seven years. During those years, it was my good fortune to have worked in a stimulating environment of hard working faculty, technicians and research station personnel. One person has worked with me for thirty-four years and my gratitude goes out to him, David E. Clarke, for our happy association, and indeed to all."

Not all investigations were included; Professor Fulkerson only summarized those that he felt might be most useful for future research and for use in extension and teaching forage production as it related to Ontario.